Safe Spaces provides academic scholarships to motivated girls in primary, secondary and university. Scholarships provide tuition fees to public primary schools, private secondary schools or public universities, transportation, school supplies and uniforms to girls.




Safe Spaces works in close partnerships with schools in the community. Peer educators visit schools 1-2x per week, and during school holidays Safe Spaces runs day programming. Programs include reproductive health, building leadership, basketball camps and photojournalism classes.


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Female empowerment starts with knowing how girls and young women's bodies work. The program focuses on equipping girls with age-appropriate factual knowledge on reproductive health, addressing myths and stereotypes around menstruation, pregnancy, sexual health and personal safety.




The photojournalism program is an opportunity for girls to critically examine the world around them. Girls are encouraged to use the power of film, photography and social media to capture and share their message.





​Safe Spaces works with a local garage in the slums where girls can follow an apprenticeship and earn a certification in car mechanics. Safe Spaces also has a network with garages outside of the slums to place the certified girls into paid jobs. Safe Spaces strives to build its own garage as a social enterprise. 



Basketball is the heart of Safe Spaces. Peninah, the founder and director of Safe Spaces, won a full basketball scholarship to university after learning to play the game in just one month. The team today plays competitively against other Nairobi teams. In turn, girls have an opportunity to win basketball scholarships, which funds their education.






Safe Spaces has computer facilities for girls to learn basic computing skills in addition to using social media. This program is still in its infancy as the on-site computer facilities are dated. However, as developing IT skills provides a huge potential for employment, the Friends of Safe Spaces has taken this program on as a 2016 development goal.




As many girls in the Eastland Slums do not have access to running water, Safe Spaces provides shower facilities with clean water and hygiene products. Some products, like toothbrushes, are also made available to the girls’ families to prevent sharing and thus the spreading of disease.



Over the years, Safe Spaces has evolved programming to support the girl's families and community holistically. Programs include mothers savings circles, micro-credit access, and small business advice.

Safe Spaces is currently piloting a model for community members to address gender based violence reported by the girls.


Safe Spaces  • Eastland Slums • Nairobi • Kenya

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