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Safe Spaces provides academic scholarships to motivated girls in primary and secondary schools and at university level. These scholarships cover the fees for public and private schools, as well as   all the costs for transportation, school supplies, uniforms and room & board when necessary.



Basketball is the heart of the Safe Spaces Organization because it was the avenue for Peninah's success. The Safe Spaces team plays in the NBA Africa where they have been undefeated since 2017. Through their wins, they earn secondary boarding school scholarships plus university scholarships.




The girls start learning about their own bodies. The program focuses on age-appropriate factual knowledge on reproductive health, addressing myths and stereotypes around menstruation, pregnancy, sexual health and personal safety. Having a healthy body gives the girls confidence while reducing the amount of teenage pregnancy and HIV infections.



​Safe Spaces works with local garages in the slums where the girls can follow a two year apprenticeship which earns them a national certification in car mechanics. Safe Spaces has a network in Kenya to place the certified girls into paid jobs. Safe Spaces strives to build its own future garage as a social enterprise. 



The program was developed with three phases: The first phase was to upgrade the computer infrastructure and Internet access. The second phase is creating a training team and the last one is for the girls to learn basic, intermediate and advanced computing skills. Here the girls learn the digital skills they need to enter the workforce.



Older girls at Safe Spaces can volunteer to act as role models and share knowledge and experiences to the younger girls. Girls first learn a skill and share it forward according to our effective philosophy Each One Teach One.



These programs include activities twice a week at different community schools, Saturday programs and holiday camps three times a year during the school breaks to keep the girls safe and off the streets. The activities are reproductive health, building leadership, basketball training and dancing, singing and poetry reading.


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Our Hydroponics Urban Farm develops 

training for our young women, provides a program for community women to create food security and income plus food for school lunches.60 Peer Educators and 147 women micro entrepreneurs have been trained in agribusiness and financial skills.. Based on the success of our pilot farm, we are expanding to more locations.

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